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09-19-2012, 03:19 AM
An Advance Escort is not a science ship, not by far. It's a very tanky Escort.
To actually play with science abilities, you need LCdr and Cmdr ability slots, the Ens and Lt ones are either tank/heal abilities that are used on every ship type (Hazard Emitters, Tansfer Shield Strengh, Polarize Hull) or rather underwhelming - even more if you'd try to use them in place of the tank/heal ones, as those are keeping you alive.

Not that a Sci'scort is a bad choice - it packs a lot of damage, and you can use your class abilities to buff the damage output of the whole group - it's just not very Sci.

For real Sci, it's either Sci Ship or Carrier.
The two free T5 choices are the Reconnisaince Science Vessel (RSV) and the Deep Space Science Vessel (DSSV).
The RSV is the damage option: 6 beams, matching Tac consoles, 3-borg/M.A.C.O. shield, dual EPtW, and with Mk XII weapons you'll push ~4k dps over an STF, more than enough to carry your own weight.
The DSSV is the tank option: you can run dual EPtS, RSP, dual TSS, dual HE and be nearly invicible except for those nasty one-shot-kill spread salvos, but not even a tank Ody can do much about those. With a 6-beam setup, you'll still deal about the damage of a low-end cruiser, thanks to Sensor Scan, enough to hold aggro most of the time if you want to go the Sci-tank route.

That's of course in addition to the buff to group dps you bring to the table, be it Tyken's to completely disable even boss ships and turning them info floating scrap metal (maxed out FlowCaps highly recommended), or Grav-wells to set up groups of enemies for AoE from your team or just to help with completing optionals.

Sci ships in PvE are far from useless if done right. It's just in PvP that they've been nerfed a bit too much, but that shouldn't be much of a concern for you.

Oh, btw: drop the DBBs and Mines on your Eng - 6-beam broadsides are more effective, really. Or at least 1 DBB/5 BA. Sci ships lack the weapon slots, but with weapons at max power and running EPtW, your beams can match the dps-output of an 8-beam/+10 power/EPtW-Cruiser, thanks to Sensor Scan. That's really not too bad.