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Originally Posted by ghostyandfrosty View Post
No the basic problem is you're suffering under the delusion that ST has anything to do with science. Asking another Sci Fi author if Trek is Realistic, is like asking a drunkard what sobriety is like.

Go ask our astrophysics major in this thread how much more ST is magic than science.

We'll never have warp drive, not one that functions for people transport at any rate, due to the energy required to make it work. While it's not as Infinite as hitting the speed of light, it's up there. IIRC the figures bandied about last I had read about it were something like " the equivalent energy of a Big Bang".

Yeah. That's feasible alright.

It's okay for At Will Singularity generation, it's okay for Warp Drive.

But zomg noooo tac buffing sci abilities breaks your immersion. Yeah.. I think it's less that and more butt hurt cause you went and did something stupid against a tac buffed FBP like use an Overload while it was up and it Gibbed you.

Tell you what, lets eliminate each and every non credible sci ability from the game. There goes, GW, Tykens, Tractor beams, Tractor Repulsion, Charged Particle Burst, Tachyon Beam, any Sci Healing abilities what so ever. Only sci abilities that should be in the game for "realistic science!"?

VM, Scramble Sensors, and Jam Sensors. Yeah, that game looks real fun right there.

Oh and to address your "you need to get light years away form warpcore explosions!" Funny they didn't have to do that in the Dominion war now did they. They were poppin ships like pez candy right near each other that had live cores ALL THE TIME. Seems to me their power generation capabilities, are solely base don plot convenience rather than hard and fast rules to me... mmm lets see I guess that would mean more Magic than Sci Fi. After all their potency in explosions, seems to vary along the lines of A Wizard Did It.
where theres a will theres a way. we'll eventually find some way to bend some law to get the job done. its human nature to challenge these things.

as for the dominion war, i dont recall any of the ships being blown to bits suffering a "warp core explosion" they all seemed to be destroyed from weapons fire which leads me to think that not every kill=warp core death. they need to label this ingame so as to not be misleading and maybe actually make abandon ship cause a warp core breech?