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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Not when the 'Bunker Fabrication' is all the Engineer needs A med generator, a shield generator, a turret, and a force field dome (plus the inherent support drone)

They distract enemies, they add to DPS, and it's all fine. Never needed anything else (too impractical imo)
You need to think end-game content elite STFs. The gun turrets do not 'distract' .. nor provide DPS. They just die in a matter of seconds after being deployed and die to just one hit. The shield on borg in elites has each gun turret barely doing 2 damage per shot. Its that messed up.

If the gun turret was replaced by the mortar it would be a completely different story though.

Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
That depends on how you play engineer. If you prefer to build fortifications, then the above makes sense. My preferred kits are enemy neutralization and equipment technician, and I think they mostly work fine as is. With both those kits, you can hit tough enemies with weapons malfunction, fuse armor, and orbital strike. With enemy neutralization, you can run in front of a group of enemies, drop mines, and pulsewave. With equipment technician, you can keep your shields up longer.
You prefer to fight on the move. Fine. Thats why I proposed 2 kits which are precisely for that.

Team Support kit:

Shield Heal
Fuse Armor
Weapons Malfunction
Combat Supply

Combat Engineer Kit:

Seeker Drone
Force Field Dome

The only thing you miss out from the current two kits you like for on -the move combat is diagnostics...which is linked to the construction kit since it does provide a boost to the constructs. With the above two kits you can not only do damage and debuff but also each has a shield-based defensive ability.

On the other hand, the transphasic bomb that comes with enemy neutralization seems less useful than the chroniton mines. I can never position it properly next to enemies; either that or they run away before I can detonate it. It's still useful for blowing up static structures such as generators though.
Thats an issue with the character HUD system. I had to disable the 'turn to face target' and 'target whatever attacks me' so it would stop changing the facing of my character as it was setting the mines and bomb.