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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
It does. When you choose a non-dps class ship with a dps class character it means that you're trying to do things wrong. Trying to get dps with a heal boat is... dubious, because you can't. Instead of focusing on healing (which is the role of a real cruiser) they slot the wrong powers to try to do some damage they can't do in any way.

It's just facts. All tacs in cruisers are fragile and suck both at dps and survivability. They serve no role but feeling they are independant and of course it doesn't work.

In pvp the tac in cruiser will also often be the first target because it's just a guarantee for an easy kill.
I'd chalk the idea of DPS classes up to "design flaw."

The game is not supposed to have the tank/dps/heal paradigm enforced totally. Everyone is theoretically a hybrid. Aside from Escorts for some reason and I see the problem there as being that shield tanking is underpowered (for sci) and this game doesn't really have evasion tanking.

Still, you can't DPS if you're dead. So, ideally, all three classes would have differing forms of tankiness.

Said as someone who has evasion tanked as a rogue and DPSed as a warrior for years. The trinity model is a bad model for video games and a worse model for games that involve PuGGing. And a DPS tanker and tanking scrapper in CoH.

Ideally, the model here would have been something more like RogueMonk/PaladinHunter/DruidWarrior as opposed to even having a pure DPS class. And if you have four cruisers in an STF, you might as well have five because of the lack of external support.

But where we're at, I don't think player class is supposed to have all that much influence on space. Part of why they sell ships and mostly cruisers.

Besides which, Captain background and "ship class" on the shows NEVER matched. If anything, pure builds should be what gets penalized.