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09-19-2012, 07:43 AM
I'll also add from my observations in The Foundry that Captain rank mobs seem to bear this out. It FEELS as if the main Captain level mob is a touch weaker (still pretty tanky) but the supporting mobs are all tougher. I don't have any hard metrics to go on but I used to have a much easier time with Level 50 Captain Nausicaan and Borg ground mobs. It feels like there's been a retuning.

FYI: I generally use a Tac, specced for melee, melee kit, 3 melee enhancing DOffs, gambling device, teammate with IDIC Tribble, swap between melee and sniper rifle.

In general, looking at Infected, the upper levels of the station feel easier, like maybe the Borg deal less damage but also are harder to kill. It's the final boss fight that feels harder, mostly due to respawn timer and the shield lowering timer sometimes resetting ahead of time.

My teams would traditionally shoot left, then right, then center. Team of three jumps right, left, back left, back right. Two stay in center. The respawns are what seems nuts along with a buggy virus timer. The whole room seems to respawn within about 30 seconds of eachother and only a sci sniper tank with team consumables can take the punishment.

In The Cure, it also feels like Borg do less damage but have higher health. And the final fight, we do four snipers and one melee tank and used to have the alternate approach of five melee. The melee tanks (including experienced ones) seem to die without ever standing in the circle. If we can keep Armus turning after that, we're okay for awhile but then everyone gets hit with an attack in rotation by Armus which almost one shots them, they pop consumables, and get killed by the next two rapid succession shots. It takes an extra shield heal to live and that again comes down to a sci sniper tank.

On the flipside, I've seen sci sniper tanks with a good supply of consumables take down both bosses SOLO after the rest of us made stupid mistakes and wiped before the boss even showed up. (Usually, two people fall in the lava and ask the rest of us to reset. The rest of us commit suicide aside from one sci tank. Traditionally, I'd commit suicide out of courtesy if anyone asks in a run. But I've stopped if there's even one sci still alive.)