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09-19-2012, 07:48 AM
Saw this and since I recently discovered the absolute JOY of a BOP here's my setup.

I rarely use more than 2 Tac BOFF abilities so they get one of the LT slots.

CMD: SCI w/HE1, SS2, GW2, VM3
LTC: SCI w/PH1, JS2, TR2

Granted I haven't done STFs and don't PvP but for normal PvE I have yet to run into anything including a cube that I can't take down and in some cases multiple cubes and spheres during the empire defense missions.

Since I don't do STF's I'm still running X1 Jem'hadar shields, deflector and engines. The Borg console. My SCI consoles (other than the borg) are X1 shield power and regen. Most of my Engineering consoles are resists but might have a hull regen in there too. Tactical are geared towards cannons and torps. Using this setup many times I can take out an enemy escort from 10.1K and it'll explode when I reach about 2K distance going head to head with it. Cruisers and Sci ships last a bit longer but not a lot over all. It's the darn fighter swarms that give me the most headaches (is there a way to at least show the name like you can with a cruiser from 15k?). I know by the time I close in that it's a Mogai for example but I can't even see the fighters till they're on me and then I have a hard time figuring out where they're even at. My eyes aren't what they used to be.