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Wow this thread really went downhill fast. It started out as a way for us to comment about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of science BOFF abilities, then became this.

Well, here are my 2 cents. It's a video game. Specifically, it's a MMORPG. Certain things have to be done in the name of gameplay that might fly in the face of the IP and/or modern science.

In Star Trek, avoiding violence was usually the main goal in any conflict. In this game, we have to shoot things, almost everything we encounter really. That's not Trek.

As far as Sci BOFF abilities like GW not being realistic: who cares? Quite frankly, GW is little more than an AOE hold ability. They just gave it a name and an animation that somewhat fit into the overall theme of the IP. It, and other comparable powers, have their equivalents in other games. You're just seeing the Star Trek version.

Now, to address scientific realism. The only similarity Star Trek science has to our current understanding of the universe is in the names. Star Trek, in all its incarnations, has always played fast and loose with the science. I believe this has been pointed out before, but it's true.

Warp Drive, for instance, in the earlier days of the IP you would believe that it was the standard maneuvering system for the Enterprise. They were having phaser battles at warp speeds, while executing harsh maneuvers. As the brand evolved, so did the notion of how warp drive functioned. It became a bubble of subspace that surrounded the ship somehow nullifying the laws of physics. One that was dangerous to use in solar systems and was only used to facilitate interstellar travel, with the impulse drive being used for "local" travel. Then came the Abrams distaster which tried to mold it into modern theory in which space-time is "warped" and pulls the starship along with it. (basically summed up by Mr. Scott's line about "space moving, not the ship") All of which are impossible to accomplish according to modern scientific theory.

There is also the fact that modern science might be completely wrong. In fact, there is some evidence out there that says it may be. Real science, in regards to this IP, is nothing but a source for realistic sounding names for the ridiculous things sci-fi writers need to happen.

What we need is a mix of effective CC and debuffing abilities. Whatever the designers choose to call them or make them appear, they are a necessary part of this game. Right now sci captains have been funneled into a few specific builds that can be effective when used properly, if they want to fly a sci ship (which they should ). Fixing the abilities listed in the OP, using feedback given by the OP and others, needs to happen for sci's to truly feel free to fly their ships.

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