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It does. When you choose a non-dps class ship with a dps class character it means that you're trying to do things wrong. Trying to get dps with a heal boat is... dubious, because you can't. Instead of focusing on healing (which is the role of a real cruiser) they slot the wrong powers to try to do some damage they can't do in any way.

It's just facts. All tacs in cruisers are fragile and suck both at dps and survivability. They serve no role but feeling they are independant and of course it doesn't work.

In pvp the tac in cruiser will also often be the first target because it's just a guarantee for an easy kill.
I can't possibly pretend to know about PvP. The fact is, we're talking PvE, and even in elite STFs, any career in a cruiser will be able to survive anything, as for my experience (Isometric Charges put aside). In other words, if you plan on being the tank, you can choose any career, with Tacs having the advantage of actually holding the aggro and therefore protecting (passively) the team.

For example my KDF Tac used the hegh'ta for some average DPS (compared in parses with other escorts/raptors/BoPs), yet was still too fragile to survive for prolonged time the aggro of a larger number of spheres/a Tac cube/gateway... without support from the team. But, putting this Tac in a traditional beamboat Negh'var resulted in very much the same average DPS (now notably higher than that of other careers' cruisers), much better survivability and some bonus ability to heal others (2 sets of shield/hull heals). Not to mention it's far easier playing a beamboat than a front-focused ship.

What I'm trying to say is that the combination Tac-cruiser may be the most useful and most easily playable. It may be just me being unable to play fast enough to use an escort properly (I'll find that soon enough, planning on buying some "true" escort and raptor), but playing with a cruiser on my Tac has for now brought much benefit without any noticeable drawback. So please, don't slam Tacs using a cruiser.
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