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Originally Posted by zubo100 View Post
Hello again

After some time and some thinking and testing i am now at a point where i no longer want to be a tank as a role but still want to be a Crusier-Pilot. I got myself the Oddy-bunde and like this ship very much.
When people tell you the best thing to bring is a Tac/Escort for PvE/STFs - they are generally correct due to how STFs are constructed.

I don't agree that you should only play that, as while its the most efficient its also far from necessary.
(I've personally organized cruiser-only Elite STFs where we finished with 7 or 8 minutes to spare on the optional - it's not brain surgery).

I play a variety of captains in a variety of ships and I like my cruisers for a change of pace.

Now, that out of the way...

If you really are going to bring an Engineer and you really are going to put him in a Cruiser then you really should be Tanking and/or Healing.

If you are not doing at least one of those things, then you really are wasting a spot on a team.

Your DPS will be low to middling at best, and the Escorts pumping out tons of damage will be the ones to take all of the borg's attention.

In other words, they will be doing all of the work and you will be along for the ride to basically collect loot that other people got for you.

So by all means, bring an eng and play a cruiser if that's what looks fun to you - but if you do so then set yourself up with 6 to 9 ranks of threat control and/or a lot of team healing.

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