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09-19-2012, 10:28 AM
In the last Ask Cryptic thread, Dan Stahl mentioned that the leveling to VA was too fast.

I expect they're going to do something about that.

Personally, though, I spread out my time among several alts and that helps to slow me down a bit.

I have three level 50 characters, and I'm mainly doffing with them. I'm gradually refitting each of their builds for social play.

My Caitian Tac officer just hit RA and I'm consciously trying to use him for doffing less than I do other characters.

My Ferengi Sci officer is still sitting at Captain and is mostly leveling exclusively through doffing.

I've got an Engineering officer still sitting at Lt. Commander because I'm intentionally not leveling him. And when he hits Commander, I'll probably strip all his resources and restart him.

I've got a KDF Tac officer I'm using as a packrat until I make up my mind whether or not to reroll him. He's not really leveling either.

I'm still debating about whether to start a new KDF character. I've been wanting to roll a Gorn, but I'd like to figure out where the 1-20 progression falls on Cryptic's schedule first.
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