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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Dan Stahl stated he wanted to make it a Event Ship, in fact the exact quote is.

This was back in June.

Better turn rate and same layout as the Galaxy is not better?
Also lets see, the T5 Excelsior have 39,000 Hull as the T5 Galaxy have ... 40,000, you cannot average it out without being a joke since 500 hull points certainly do not equal 1 turn rate.

Of course that is at T5, nothing says we dont get a T3-4 ship or even lower.

I have been assuming a T5 ship, also dont think they are going to do two visual identical ships even if you can do that with the T5 Excelsior its still using the T3 parts options as each is its own model.

The Ambassador only had one studio model, there were only two modifications after the Enterprise C (that was battle damaged), the Zhukov and the Yamaguchi with the Zhukov being the one with most modifications.

Simply put, there is about as much visual differences of the "cleaned" Enterprise C and the Zhukov as there are of the Enterprise E before and after its refit at Nemesis ... and we know were Cryptic had just stand in the issue of the Sovereign refit.

I never heard of that "plan" since I been hearing about the Ambassador since I joined, only thing I know is that is "in the plans" and its supposed to be gained as a reward, apparently it will be on Season 7.

Of course with this game track record it might come in a box.
The reason I mentioned the possibility for the increased turn rate over a Galaxy is because it's considerably smaller than say, the Sovy (which has the turn rate of 7).

Devs could make it 7.5ish. The Ambassador's more recent refit saw a 30% boost in engines and speed. The reason I say slightly better than a 7, is because it is not as large as a Sovy. It might even be closer to an Excelsior at an 8.

Do you think we are expecting a ship that's going to BEST the Odyssey or something??? If you don't like the Ambassador "that's cool". But the negativity is hard to digest.

More recent waves of Ambassador Class refits that were documented...

"The remaining Ambassador Class ships would remain in service to supplement the new generation of Akira, Intrepid, Defiant and Sovergin class ships well into the late 2390s, undergoing several major upgrades and refits".

(Star Trek Online Geekipedia).

It would not surprise me to see the Ambassador be a good ship. From 2390's refits to 2400 is not a long time.

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