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Let's take a look-see...

I will say that 3 piece Borg is generally my preference, but a 2-2 split will work as well.

Three disruptor consoles, that's ok, I'd recommend 2 field generators, and then either move your Borg console there, or add in something like an Emitter Array, to make your shield heals better. 3 Field Generators aren't gonna help as much as you think. I'd also say just stick to all Neutroniums, but that's just me.

The 8 Spiral Wave Disruptors are fine, because of what you are wanting to do.

As for your question, yes, E-power to Weapons can 'break' the cap in a matter of speaking, when it comes to beams at least. So you can fire off many beams with less of a drain on your normal power for a bit.

Anywho...BOFF layout:

I can see it's quite tac heavy of course. The big problem though, is you have 4 E-power abilities, that's a LOT of shared cooldowns. Here's a couple set-ups for you:

Cmdr Engineer: E-power to shields 1, RSP 1, Aux to Structural 2 (OR E-power to weapons 3), Aux to Structural 3 (only if you have E-power to weapons 3 though, if not, EWP 3 can be useful).
Lt. Engineer: E-power to weapons 1 (if you don't have E-power to weapons 3, or an engineering team can work), RSP 1.
Lt. Cmdr tac: TT 1, FAW 2, APB 2 (you can also switch those, Beta 1, and FAW 3 is still good)
Ensign sci: Any heal is ok.

I'm skipping on the Lt. Universal for now.

I'm curious as to what your DOFFs are, because there are some good ones, which can really help reduce all those nasty cooldowns.

Damage Control Engineer: To reduce the cooldown on your E-power abilities.
Energy Weapons Officer: There are ones to reduce CD on beam special attacks (BO and FAW)
Warp Core Engineer: Doesn't reduce a CD, but can give power to all systems when you use an E-power ability, giving you more 'bang for your buck' as it were.
Technicians: If you're willing to go for a Technician build, it can be useful, as it'll reduce ALL your cooldowns anytime you use Aux to Batteries.
Conn Officer: There are ultra rares which are stupid-expensive, but can reduce CDs on Attack patterns Beta, Delta, and Omega. Not exactly common or cheap, but worth mentioning at least.

All of those but Warp Core Engineer can be stacked to three, and maybe the WCE's can be stacked as well, I dunno. So cooldowns can be reduced quite often without needing extra abilities.

As for that extra universal, I really do recommend sci there, with like TSS 1 and HE 2 (with the normal ensign being whatever sci heal you want). But keeping your current ones there won't hurt it either.
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