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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Since when is the Ambassador smaller than the Sovereign?
She's shorter, yes no question.
But there is more to a ship than length.
Saying the Ambassador is smaller than a Sovereign is like saying a stretch limo is bigger than a bus because it's longer.
Length is not the only determining factor because ships actually have 3 dimensions.

There's also the mass difference between the two ships.
The TNG Technical Manual gives us a clear mass on the Ambassador class and the Starship Spotter gives us a clear info on the Sovereign.

Not sure there's any canon evidence anywhere whether the Ambassador's engines were in any substantial way upgraded...
In any case the refit version still only has one single engine.
The Sovereign has two rather large inpulse engines.
Combined with the Ambassador's mass which is pretty much half way between the Galaxy and the Sovereign, the turnrate should be 6.5 or at the very best have partiy with the Sovereign.
Anything else seems rather out of place on such a massive ship.
Ambassador is smaller than a Sovreign (check the links, or reference a quick Google search). Size is not the only determining factor. But it does play a significant role. Besides which, even the mass is smaller than a Galaxy or Sovy. So, I cannot expect a turn rate lower than a "7" based on actual information.

The images you used were photo-shoped. The actual numbers are skewed.