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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
What is the incentive for playing what is left over? Is it any different from playing Foundry content? Once the xp is added for Foundry content, will it just make things worse, or will it make it better, since the 15 hour journey to VA can be an entirely different experience each time?
Tnhe only reason to replay a Dev Storyline episode at this point is if it awards some special gear or item you want at MkXI level; meaning the most content that is replayed are the various FE episodes that have been integrated into the storyline progression.

What I will NEVER understand is: All throught the F2P conversion testing one of the Devs stated puposes was to slow down the levbeling speed of players (there's the famous Stormshade quote of: "Players can get to Level 50 in a weekend with a 6 pack of Red Bull..."); YET - withj the addition of the Doff system, Leveling became even faster. Many pof us mentioned this fact to the Dev team (and heretic did severly adjust Doff system EXP rewards for 'Critical Success' as in F2P beta, I made two levels crit successing on just 3 assignments.)

I also have to wonder just how many members of teh STO Dev team hop in and play like an actual player (which I honestly think should be a job requirement from time to time); because to me, it's obviouis DStahl actually does not, as he made a commentn that he was 'surprised' how fast it appeared players could level characters (again, something that we as players have been commenting on since the F2P changes.)

I was also dissapoint with how the 'storyline' was implement for F2P as, as the game gets oldwer, I always felt it would be nice to have 'branches you could pick (IE places when the story diverges into one or more sub paths, eventuially rejoining the 'main' line again at some point, and branching again later); as this would allow you to have multiple alts, yet have a slightly different leveling experience for each one, while still making sure the character experienced the same storyline overall.

I find it a bit sad in that I am leveling an ALT specifically to be used in amax PvP premade team; and I thought I'd try playthiough the main story; and I'm finding they have fixed and improved a lot of the progonal mission content (there's still the 'stinkers' here and there), but mechanics wise they have new graphic and ship assests, and the 'bad guys' are motre varied, etc.

In the end, I also find it interesting that (IMO) STO pushes player AWAY from doing the main storyline content - and instead pushes us all to do the more 'grindy' and easily repeatable content (and the Doff system) BACAUSE thb overall rewards ARE SO MUCH BETTER than the rewards given by the main story content.

Sorry, but who wants to spoend 30 minutes for some EXP and a green Mk VI item when via the Doff system and stuff like the Mirror Event; you can level faster, or canned Exploration, and earn enough dilithium to just buy what you want from the Dilithium store? I will NEVER understand WHY main storyline missions rewards reward ZERO Dilithium (and that's been a question and pet peeve of mine since the F2P conversion was started.)

But in the end, essentially, yes Kirkfat, you have it right.
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