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09-19-2012, 10:59 AM
I like the new fast levleing to 50. I really enjoy the story missions, both STO made and foundry made. And I enjoy my endgame ship, so I get to play most of the story content in the endgame ship. So for me, the quick leveling has been a real improvement.

The level up process makes sense, because you need to learn your powers, and it makes sense to give them to you one at a time and give you a few missions to get used to them. I don't think they intended the level journy to be quite as fast as it is, but I was never particularly driven by leveling, personally. I know that others are.

Perhaps they are attempting to get rid of endgame complaints by making Level 50 the "Natural state" of players. And building content to that natural state, rather than having to scale it up a level chain. And looking at all the activities in the game as a buffet, rather than a sequence. So you can do any of the things in the game that YOU like. So you will keep coming back and spending money.

That puts Story missions as one of the possible meals on the buffet, rather than the hoops you have to jump through to enjoy the other parts of the game, assuming you like PVP, or coordinated high end raiding or whatever... you can more quickly get to the variety... and if you like doing missions, they are one of the things a level 50 can do.

Part of my theory is that this approach was a change in mid stream, probably as part of F2P. So they are still working on the Buffet model as a retrofit.