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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
I have and that is what I have come up with after hours of search in several previous discussions.

The actual information you used is a fancic website with random info.

"The Star Trek Online Geekipedia is not an encyclopedia of Star Trek Canon. Memory Alpha does that exceptionally well already and we have no desire to compete with such an historic and well-developed wiki."

and what does Memory Alpha say?

"The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual further established that the Galaxy-class was designed to replace the aging Ambassador- and Oberth-classes as primary instruments of Starfleet's exploration programs. (pg. 1) The Technical Manual also explained that during the design phase, the combined vehicle mass of Ambassador was expected to be at least 3.71 million tons."

I do my research.

Even the website you linked to gives a height of 125m for the Ambassador and a height of 88 for the Sovereign.
Which are exactly the proportions you end up with when you compare the height of the two ships in my image.
I don't fake size comparisons.

No, I have those books on my shelf.
They are signed-off by the license holders.
What info you use is horribly faulty.
Ambassador's length vs. Sovys length (going by even your numbers) still is not even relatively close. Sovy is still considerably longer.