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09-19-2012, 11:29 AM
the reasoning behind the 2 EPTW and 2 EPTS was that with all 4 cycling, 2 are ALWAYS active. each time u start one, it starts 15 second timer on the rest, even those on cd. With a diff EPT skill tossed in, I cant be guaranteed to have weapons and shields boosted 100% of the time.(I run on macro with space that cycles the 4 skills, if I have 2 weap 2 shield, when weapons is on CD, a shield will be open, and vice versa)

The only 'lacking' this build/setup has afaict the lack of hull heals(stuff DOES burn though often enough)

But yes agree with the field gen thing, regreting crafting a 3rd today since it only bumped the shields up by 1k or less(Shields at 15k and change now, was at 14.8ish before with 2) I think I am going to swap out one for a neut(or plasma resist for STF's/Borg)

I also attempted a torp in front and back replacing 1 beam, but I lost almost 1k dps total (tested with ISE)