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09-19-2012, 11:35 AM
I'd say you have a bit of a mess in abilities.

Your defense has the right idea but is all backwards.

Eng: EPTW1, RSP1, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3
Eng EPtW1, EPtS2
Sci HE1

This leaves you with tractor beam issues. If thats ok with you, otherwise you need HE1 to polarize hull, which I wouldn't give up hazard emitters for. Or Change your tactical up.

Tac: TT1, FAW2
Tac: TT1. FAW2, APO

or if you don't want a tractor escape


Reality is you don't need 2 tac teams, you can use cheap Doffs to double up one. Of course Ensign tac is pretty garbage if you have no torpedo.

You can get a cheap Beam overload for burst damage, (or a situational target subsystem). but that isn't a great choice with 8 beams draining you.

For more offense power go 2 pc omega and 2 pc borg... its a nice boost

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