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# 5 Love and lost
09-19-2012, 12:19 PM
Cruising through the Beta Ursae sector block en route to Orellius for some scientific experiments while accompanied by the U.S.S. Alteisen Riese and the U.S.S. Ra Cailum, Amuro Ray is feeling tense aboard his newest vessel, the U.S.S. Aussenseiter.

"GAH! I do so loathe nebulae" I growled to myself, absentmindedly punching the bulkhead.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" I howled, my knuckles starting to feel numb from an adrenaline surge.

There was a knock at the door, it was Zazhid."You ok, Amuro?"

"Aye... aye. It's just these damned nebulae studying assignments, they grind my gears" I growled, clearly agitated.

"Y'know, there's a quiet little spot on an uninhabited planet not too far off course, we could take a shuttle for a little rendez-vous" Zazhid smiled, stroking my arm a little.

"Can't." I said, shaking my head, "Shuttle won't be delivered til Tuesday. Cagalli had some trouble getting the variable geometry to work in the confines of our vertical hatch." I said, slightly ruining the moment.

"We could take the twins..." Zazhid said slyly, with a glint in her eyes.

How could I say no to those deep, ocean blue eyes...

I caved; "Computer! record message to be sent in 5 minutes to Commander Jelun and tight beamcast to Ra Cailum." I called out.

"RECORDING" buzzed the metallic tones of the computer interface.

"Have taken Alt and Weiss for side trip, Char is to take Pegasus order 69. See you in 3 days. End recording." I spoke to thin air.

"Message encoded, sending in 4 minutes 55 seconds." The computer interface chirped back at me."

"C'mon!" I said, holding Zazhid's hand tightly as I moved with a fervor I hadn't experience in months.

A brief time later, while descending to the surface of the planet...

"GAH! EMP!" I cried out as the Alt lost all power. "This is gonna hurt..."

The atmosphere echoed with the thunderous boom of both machines crashing onto the surface at over 100 miles an hour.

I placed my hand to my head, and felt the warm oozing of blood from just above my temporal lobe, "Aww cra..."

I blacked out...

Amazingly I wasn't dead, as I awoke, I looked around and saw it was dark, and a svelte figure looked over, came limping towards me...

How could I have been so blind! It was Zazhid!

"Amuro!" She blurted out from behind a wall of tears "you're awake." She let out a beaming smile, which brought me to full alert.

"How long..." I began to speak, but Zazhid interrupted me.

"Hours more than me, as far as I can tell. We're pretty stuck here though. Thrusters on both Alt and Weiss are offline, along with just about all the other useful systems. Good news is the beacon on Alt is still working, but at half range, and we still have replicator function for the moment."

"Ah well, guess we'll be here a little longer than intended. Now, where were we..." I said, taking hold of Zazhid and pulling her close

"Oh, Amuro..." Zazhid said, coyly...

WHOA! Let's leave these two lovebirds to it, k? Gotta give them some privacy
Ikuzo, Trombe!