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UPDATE: New recruits to Starfleet Dental now get 15 million EC, 4 Fleet Ship Modules and A FREE SHIP to start! PLUS WE'LL WAIVE THE APPLICATION FEE UNTIL THE NEW YEAR!

Webster's Dictionary defines dentistry as:
The profession or science dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases and malformations of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity
But with all respect to Websters, there's dentistry, and then there's Starfleet Dentistry.

First coming to fame on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Starfleet Dental is a force like no other, dedicated to the preservation of Oral Hygiene in the Federation and beyond, fostering discussion on dental issues, and making dental care easier, and more effective than ever.

Dentaleers are made, not born, and the proud members of Starfleet Dental know their training is superior, their organization more efficient and their resolve greater than anything else in the galaxy. More importantly, they know they are a part of the Federations most noble brotherhood.

Starfleet Dental Officers are trained for excellence in all things, the trials of the mind and body never stop, and the Dentaleers must constantly push themselves to the edge of their abilities and beyond.

Not everyone is cut out to be an officer in Starfleet Dental, but if you embody courage, resolve, and honor, then read on brave stranger, read on.

In order to be deployed effectively across the Alpha and Beta Quadrant, Starfleet Dental relies on its strict organization, and command structure. Official fleet protocols are followed at all times, whether including a respectful *salute* whenever posting on our forums directly after an officer has, or calling your superior officers "sir" both on Steam and Mumble.

Council of Elders
  • Diplomatic Advisor: Butts
  • Chief Pubbie Relations Officer: Immaryn
  • Spirtual Advisor: Kyrandman
  • NPC Affairs Officer: Jesch
  • Midget Equality Minister: Tufty Whybrow

Support Staff
  • Chief Orthodontics and Jeffries Tube Technician: Doctor Trau'Zerss
  • Office Supplies Procurer: Rannok
  • Chief of Human Resources: Nabreeki

Ingenuity and Resourcefulness
Starfleet Dental has always been at the forefront of research and development.

When the Borg were at the gates of Earth itself, a last ditch defense lead by Starfleet Dental created an impenetrable wall of exploding warp cores, sacrificing thousands of crewmen for the defense of Earth.

When the war against the Klingons became a standstill, Starfleet Dental pioneered a dramatic and effective new method of disabling the Klingon War Machine, by transporting its captains directly to a bridge of a Federation starship where they could be neutralized by a specialized team of Dentaleers.

When LCARS, a relic of the 1980s, was criticized for looking tacky and unreadable, Starfleet Dental created a brand new system of information display, which is still used today on its website.

And finally, when our enemies were amongst those we trusted, Starfleet Dental had the courage to stand up and challenge authority, exposing the horrible crimes of fellow Starfleet Officers.

Truly, Starfleet Dental is on the cutting edge of the sword of freedom.

Please note there is a mandatory nonrefundable 1 million EC application fee.
Additional fees may be required to join Starfleet Dental

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