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09-19-2012, 12:56 PM
If "Star Trek" were an anime:

Scotty would be three feet tall.

Dr. McCoy wouldn't be much different, but he would now be an avid drinker.

Dr. Crusher however, would never be seen sober on screen.

Instead of being a brilliant know-it-all, Wesley would be an immature, naive, dimwit who only cares about fighting.

He'd still be annoying.

The MVAE and the Galaxy Class would still be able to saucer separate, but they would gain the ability to combine with each other into a larger, more powerful ship.

Instead of lizards, "Threshold" would have involved tentacles.

Klingon ships and architecture would involve a lot more skulls.

The Gorn would be even bigger.

Uhura would still be black, but for some strange reason she would have blonde hair.

Cardassian ships would resemble giant mechanical fish (Gradius FTW!!)

Janeway would either be in her 20's and extremely hot, or ancient as sin and waaaaay past menopause.

Instead of ears, Data would have giant metal antennas that resemble rabbit ears.

The Argo would not have dropped a Jeep. It would have transformed into a tank, then dropped the Jeep.

Riker's duplicate would have been female.

And last, but not least: Not only would we know where the restroom facilities in Starships are, we would be very well acquainted with them. (Showers in particular )