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# 6 Unexpected Holiday
09-19-2012, 03:05 PM
Captain's Log, Stardate... eh, who bloody cares? Runabout Miskatonic, on detachment from the USS Paragon, Commander Moira Stern commandin', etc, etc.

Cor, it's nice 'ere. No bleedin' idea where we are, though, but at least it's 'abitable. Reminds me o'th' beaches back 'ome in South Wales.

I didn't think I'd ever enjoy peace an' quiet - usually, I'm na' 'appy 'less I'm up t'me elbows in engine grease. Not that engines use grease any more. Bloody modern technology.

So, I should d'scribe wha' 'appened. Ensign Bowker... Tha's wha' 'appened. How that man ever got out o' th' Academy alive is beyond me, 'cos 'e isna' worth th' energy rations 'is uniform. Nice lad, but 'e's got bad luck an' less sense than God gave a turnip.

Let me tell you abou' Ensign Marcell Bowker. 'E's new to th' ship, assigned just last fortnight. He was impressed, intimidated, an' awed by the Paragon's reputation as a home for mav'ricks, ne'er-do-wells, an' nutters who manage t'pull victory from th' saucy seductive bosom o'defeat time an' again.

So, ye might say tha' when 'e got th' rotation t'chauffeur me on my wee 'oliday, 'e was a bit beside 'imself. So much so tha' 'e forgot t' pack th' provisions for me campin' trip, an' then when I told 'im 'e 'ad t'fix 'is error, he went at it bald-headed an' hailed a passin' snake of a fishwife's whor--- *ahem* --a passin' merchant vessel takin' foodstuffs an' survival gear for sale someplace or'nother. That's all well an' good, but 'e traded a couple o'spare EPS reg'lators for it, an' wouldn't y'just know it, ran us smack-dab in'ta an ion storm, fried ev'ry last reg'lator on th' runabout.

I managed t'keep th'engines goin' long enough for us t'crashland on this lovely stretch o'beach. No serious damage, she's nigh-spaceworthy, but wi'out th' parts there's na' a peep outta any o' th' main power systems. Auxiliary's still go, but tha's na' near enough t' put us back in'ta' orbit t'say less o'goin' t'warp before I'm grey an' saggy.

Let me say, once again, tha's there's na' any challenge an engineer can overcome if she 'as two workin' 'ands an' a will t'fix what's broken. I managed t'salvage parts enough to cobble together a few items: Phaser charger, space heater, th' ship's loo, an' get 'alf of comms back online. I canna' call anyone, but at least I c'n listen t'football.

I was also able t'take one of th' warp coils an' make it into a still, so tha' should give me all th' comforts of home.

I'd better put this away now, I think I hear Ensign Cabana Boy returnin' wi' th' materials t'build a proper shelter. There's also no challenge an engineer canna overcome if she's watched old "Gilligan's Island" reruns from th' Twentieth. I just wish I could make power reg'lators out o' coconuts.

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