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Originally Posted by corgatag View Post
Here are some links. Hopefully, you'll find them helpful:

1. Support =
Good source of Refugees/Prisoners/Purple DOFFs

2. Prototype consoles =
I use purple consoles if they're the right type. The rest I put on the exchange if they're worth more than 50,000 EC. Otherwise, I just de-replicate them.

3. Asylum =
I only do Earth, Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, and Bajor. Excess refugees go on the exchange.

4. CXP =
CXP missions tend to have that yellow-orange background. A couple of the orange assignments are terrible though, still pay close attention to the rewards.

5. Appropriate =
These 20-hour missions (and their Maurading equivalent) grant a decent amount of CXP. On crit, you could get a Strange Alien Artifact (needed for Prototype consoles).

Thx great infromation.

On the Link tho it doesnt show where to get the support quest or when I go to the cluster, and nebulas I cant find the support assignmest