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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
Practice Tactical Exercises I
  • 300 Fleet Marks - V
  • 30 Common Security Duty Officers - V
  • 30 Common Tactical Duty Officers - V
  • 20,000 Expertise - V
  • 150 Warp Coils - V
  • 250 Common Photon Torpedo Launcher MkI - X!!!
I looked at the purchasing of the torp launchers with dismay as well at first. However I found its really trivial to do compared to commodies.

Step One: Get as much space as you can in your inventory free. Preferably a multiple of 10 or 25.
Step Two: Move the merchant window so that the item you are buying lines up under where the "Yes" on the confirm window is.
Step Three: Spam click the mouse until your inventory is full.
Step Four: Donate what you have so far.
Step Five: Go to Step Three until the requirement is fulfilled.

Compared to double clicking on the commodity, moving the slider to max then clicking on "Buy" it was trival to buy 250 torpedo launchers. The only thing that really slowed me down was the fact that I could only get 25 slots in my inv open at once. It took me about 1/3 the time to buy 250 torp launchers then the time it took me to put 5 stacks of shield generators in my inventory. Actually, thinking about it, it might have been as little as 1/10 the time.

BTW, anyone else notice that the Ferengi dont get a discount when buying the launchers? Took my new Lobed one over to check what it applied to and was disappointed a little.