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09-19-2012, 03:11 PM
Forcing STO into other MMO molds is just a bad idea from the start. And your justification for it reeks of elitism. I apologize if it seems harsh but I'm tired of the WOWification of games. If you don't play XYZ class with ABCD gear and spit into the wind at 3pm on the second Wednesday at 3 in the morning don't play attitudes.

I too remember games with harsher penalties and frankly we were a LOT less worried about 'playing our class right' and MORE concerned about finding strategies that worked regardless of how hard they were to implement. My fiance and I were talking about this the other night. Between the whole VOIP phenomenon and the reliance on gear solely reminds me a lot of RL. Some people that are big into these things have a hard time adjusting when things don't go 100% to plan. It's something I've seen daily in the workplace. Then they have to call someone else to clean it up. That's also the problem with a lot of other RL issues which I won't go into but we're lacking in creativity and critical thinking anymore namely because we feel we (western culture) have to somehow catch up to other countries when we're really in someways loosing that creativity and ability to react when things go wrong.

Play the game as the mechanic's allow you and what works best for YOU and leave other's alone to find their niche too. MMOs aren't supposed to be an I win game but thanks to WOW and many other's including STO to a point with the C-store people think that it is. MMOs aren't supposed to be a short term time and money investment. They were originally games you played (in a few cases for decades) and took years to develop in your free time. Yes you always wanted to see 'endgame' BUT the journey was just as fun. Of course before the flood of newer players there was also more variance in gear styles. So if you wanted to make a tank that was all about speed vs Ogre smash you could do it. The problem isn't with the games it's the players and their lack if creativity AND ability to adapt if things don't go their way.

/rant off

Changed one letter. Meant to say some not same people. Don't want to put everyone into a category.