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Captain's Personal Log, Stardate...3 days after power failure:

The shuttlecraft Oboe and runabout Affirm, both on separate detachments from the U.S.S. Unyielding in the Felczer Nebula, have both been hit by a high-energy surge from one of the asteroids in System Rho-Zeta-2547, after which emergency power was also drained.
The crews of each vessel have had to resort to eating field rations dry, as there is no running water, however, we of the Affirm DID manage to deploy a distress beacon before complete power failure. As all power, including emergency lighting, has failed, we will only be detected by the Unyielding if they scan for life-signs, which will only happen if they are expecting all power to have failed.


Executive Officer's Log, Stardate: today:

The Unyielding has initiated Saucer Separation in order to conduct short-range reconnaissance missions deep in the nebula, and we have managed to absorb some of the energy by channeling it into reserve deuterium fuel tanks, and the rest into the shields, making us more able to withstand the damage that the Affirm and Oboe are supposed to have taken, if they survived.

Executive Officer's Log, Supplemental:

We have detected life-signs aboard the runaboutOboe, and all have beamed to sickbay for emergency treatment for dehydration and undernourishment. However, the configuration of the Affirm has been detected at the very edge of our sensor range, the Chief Engineer has estimated that we will reach it's location in approximately 6 hours at full impulse.

Captain's Log, Supplemental:

A vessel matching the configuration of the Unyielding has been spotted 20 kilometers from our current position, however the helmsman and engineer have fallen ill, and their condition is deteriorating fast. our emergency transmitter was knocked out, but I have managed to patch it up and get it online, just in time to receive a transmission from the Unyielding, saying that they are ready to beam us directly to sickbay for emergency treatment. After almost 4 days, we have been found. True to her name, the Unyielding and her crew never gave up.

Captain George Aubrey, signing off.