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09-19-2012, 08:12 PM
Also - I might be nit-picking here. . . but it's a bugbear of mine to see every ship flying around with a captain with the rank of Vice Admiral!

But just how many Vice Admirals can there be in Starfleet? Can you imagine watching TNG, "This is Vice Admiral Picard" - LOL!

Last time I checked, the usual rank of ship's Captain was either Commander or Captain. Admirals are supposed to sit behind desks

Here's my radical solution - Although I fear too radical to be implemented:

You get your first ship at Ens. not Lt.
Add the rank Lt. Jr. grade
Level 50 should be CAPTAIN
Then perhaps have a level 51, which is very, very difficult to get and takes many, many months of hard work, where you can then become an Rear Admiral . . . 52, Rear Admiral Upper - and then, perhaps, after year of solid play get Vice Admiral.

Then, most ships flying around will have a captain with the rank of captain and only players who've really earned the title of admiral should be awarded it.

I doubt my idea would go down very well.... would certainly be more in line with Star Trek cannon though?

Seriously though - Starfleet with more admirals than captains?!
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