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I've been playing this since Beta... back then, the STO Website had a faction page describing the reasons of all four (Federation, Klingons, Romulans and Cardassians) sides of this conflict...

I'll give you a chronological listing of the events that led to this war.

(Star Trek: Klingon Academy) The Klingon Empire enters a civil war. Chancelor Lorak died and the head of House G'Iogh proclaims himself Emperor. General Chang kills him. Melkor, the impostor's younger brother claims Qonos as it's new emperor and the Empire splits itself in 3 factions. Melkor's, Chang's and Gorkon's sides.

After long fights, it's made known that Melkor is dealing with the romulans and the Empire rallies behind Gorkon who, in a dire battle, saved Chang from a certain death. Once the civil war ends, Gorkon is named Chancellor of the Empire and Chang is to serve him as his Chief of Staff.

(Star Trek 6) Spock and Gorkon are trying the impossible, a treaty of peace between the Federation and the Klingons. Romulans, Starfleet officers and a group of Klingons under Chang plot the assassination of Gorkon and frame Kirk, leading to a war.

After much investigating, Spock and the Enterprise crew make it to Kithomer in time to stop another assassination attempt against Chancellor Azetbur. They unfoil the whole plan and allow the Federation and Klingon Empire to become true allies.

(Deep Space 9) Chancellor Gowron reign is marked by seeking glory. After many altercations between the Klingons and Sisko, Gowron invalidates the Kithomer Accord and attacks DS9 with an impressive armada. A year later, Gowron reinstates the Accord in order to face the Dominion and save the Alpha Quadrant.

(Voyager) Janeway helps the Borg to defeat a fierce enemy known as "Species 8472". It is unknown to Janeway and her crew what caused the conflict until it's too late. The Borg entered fluidic space first and attacked... It is not explained how the managed to get there.

Few months/years later, Janeway encounters another group of Undines who are shapeshifted as Federation officers. Their plans is to infiltrate the high spheres of power of the federation and make it collapse.

Few months/years later, Janeway and her crew finally make it home. Janeway gets promoted to Admiral.

(Star Trek Online, events leading to the game) The Klingon Empire is infiltrated by Undines. They discover the plot and cleanse themselves of every infiltrated Undine. It is also known to them that the Gorn head of state is an Undine. Diplomatic efforts to reveal the truth to the Gorn is unsuccessful so, as a True Warrior does what has to be done, the Klingons lay a siege to Gornar in order to liberate it's people from the impostor alien.

The way the Klingons acted doesn't please the Federation and they ask the Klingons to withdraw themselves from Gornar. Obviously, the Federation is also infiltrated by the Undines. The Klingon Empire demands that the Federation respect the Kithomer Accord and help them with the Gorn Hegemony situation.

The Federation refuses. Another sign that Starfleet high ranks are infiltrated by the aliens. In no way would the Federation betray a peace treaty they've worked so hard to negociate. The Klingon Empire ends the treaty, once again, and procedes in the most important war for it's survival... the cleansing of every Undine from the Alpha Quadrant nations.

Play the game... see for yourself... the Klingons are the heroes of this game... while there are genuine heroes in Starfleet (the players) the faction itself can't be trusted. Section 31 keeps toying with the best of Starfleet... and no Undine has been taken out of the Federation yet. (as a Federation player, you never even try to investigate the matter... even when a Vulcan Ambassador is revealed to be an Undine !)