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Originally Posted by kalecto View Post
The only reason I can think of for a player to craft, is just so they can say "Done that, next!"
Well there is still the option to craft items such as AEGIS bits or MK X Kits .
Some would still prefer to do that (either for themselves or for their Fleet) instead of going to the exchange for those items .
Also , those who do craft and sell those items get some EC in return .

Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
What is the incentive for playing what is left over?
Well , there is the incentive of playing the FE's at least , as at times Cryptic re-runs the "special awards" for those , and it's much easier to get those when all you have to replay is one specific mission to get the award instead of doing all the FE's in 7-10 days on several toons at once (which can get to be a pretty boring race) .

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