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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Engineering Kit summoned pets; drones, turrets, mines, etc.; will now despawn if you remove the kit.
I was confused by this and had to ask some of my buddies why this is happening since most of the changes that are done are done without explaination. They said it's because of the PvP'ers.

Let me get this straight.. Me, the PvE player, is being penalized because of Pvp'ers crying too much about some kit swapping?? I don't play PvP on the 'professional' level. I might do it for fun with my fleet but that's about it. So now I can't swap my kits out like I usually do in PvE because of PvP'ers thinks it is unfair?

Why not just restrict Kit swapping and whatever else PvP'ers don't like to PvP only?? I mean Cryptic already restricts turrets and such when you're at starbase, So why not do something like that during PvP matches??

Cryptic, you want to fix it so that it doesn't happen in PvP fine. But why penalize us players who don't do PvP??