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09-20-2012, 01:11 AM
although your argument about not being able to swap kits is a valid one. I have to disagree, if you're going to swap kits to keep the spawned items that your previous kit used so you can launch more items, that is completely wrong. I use one kit all of the time and it serves me well.

I'm not completely aware of the kit swapping issue but if the player is able to swap kits "mid-combat" that is an issue/bug and that needs to be fixed, I can't change kits mid battle. but if you're changing kits in non-combat thats fair but you shouldn't be able to keep the shield gens and other items you spawned with the kit you just removed, Tacs and Sci don't have many things they can spawn and they don't stay when you swap kits.

the PvP'ers are right to call this an issue, I played a ground 1v1 and the Engineer I battled managed to spawn all of his kit, then most probably swapped his kit and hid between 2 cover shields... <--- sorry but that IS an issue