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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
I am an engi pilot. And as much as it disgusts me to say this, he's right. Due to the way STFs are set up, engis in space are only good for tanking/healing. I even have an escort with full mk XII gear, and my tac on my klingon side with not full mk XII easily, and I say again EASILY out-damages my escort on my fed side. It's not fair, it's not right, but that's how it is. Engis are only good as tanks or healers, as ussultimatum said.

You have a problem with that, go bother the devs lol...
Urmm.... I read that post as "Engis are only good as tanks or healers whenever they're flying a cruiser"

Engineers in Escorts are hardly underpowered.
Ditto for Science Officers.

And whilst there are a few 'DPS Cruiser' builds that approach Escort Territory, it doesn't take much extra investment to turn an Engineer in a DPS Cruiser into a proper tank... so it really comes down to a question of if you're not going to tank, how do you propose to make yourself useful in a team?

(And Science Vessels? Arguably underpowered no matter what you stick into them, though I'd still go Tac if at all possible. Still waiting on that Sci Skill revamp that keeps being promised...)

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