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09-20-2012, 02:28 AM
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"Some would say that the KDF ship has already sailed some time ago that no matter what Cryptic does not put in the KDF side that the KDF players will not be satisfied. I have noticed that the despite every improvement, addition or adjustment to the KDF faction people are not satisfied. It is never enough some people sometimes, people are down right thankless no matter what work is put into the faction to bring it up to par with the Federation side. However from the business prospective this is an albatross around Cryptics neck there is no moving forward achieving goals of KDF cos the players move the goal post each time that progress is made."

Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Are we not being sufficiently grateful enough for the occasional crumbs that are thrown at what' is SUPPOSED to be the 'opposing faction'? Shall we just roll over and grovel at your feet, self-righteous fedbears? You, who get a new friggin ship every 2-3 months, tons of customization options, and having all the new content biased towards your storyline (2800, anyone?).

All the KDF has asked is that the faction be treated as an equal to the Federation, on equal footing. That is something the faction NEVER got, and its membership and activity suffers for it. We've had to be content with occasional paltry scraps thrown our way and empty promises. We've had to be content with buggy KDF content, buggy battlecloaks (oh, sorry, it's a 'intended feature' now), etc. On top of that. . .whenever the KDF gets new content, the Feds ALWAYS get something to satisfy their pathetic outrage. . .while we KDF get nothing when the Feddies get new ships, costumes, etc.

We haven't moved the goalposts, the game simply hasn't REACHED the damn posts.


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