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First question

It seems some rare loot puts out more dps then its very rare same mark counter part.
I was looking on the exchange and some rare mark viii for example were doing more dps then very rares mark viii of the same thing? Whats going on here is this a bug still needing to be fixed?

The damage isn't the part that classifies it's rarity, its the number of mods.

It's entirely possible that a fizzywig mk xi [dmg]x2 does more base damage by the numbers shown than a fizzywig mk xi [crtd]x3.

second question

I put on my neutroium alloy to day that supposed to give me 17.5 all energy resistance, but yet when I put it on my resistance under the ship status tab, then defence tab, only goes to 14.9? whats that all about?

Make sure you're in a space map when you equip items to see their real effects (not sector space, like.. a mission or in orbit of SOL/DS9)

3rd I put on a field generator which is suppost to increase my shield cap by 17 % and my shield stayed at 6000 also under the ship status defence tab... whys that arent they suppose to go up 17%

See above

4th I read on the fourms that stacking phaser relays has no diminishing returns and that they could see this by moving them on and off but I like to see this for my self yet I can not find under the ship status attack tab anything about over all dps. How do you see the over all dps of your ship and how do you move the relays on and off to see the dps change?

thx for reading and any help would be great full

You can parse dps with /combatlog and dumping the log file into ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) to see your actual DPS or mouse over your weapons while firing. The status screens don't show your DPS. Regarding Tactical consoles in general, that add +x% of your BASE damage. Each one adds the same amount, but it's based on your completely unbuffed and unmodified damage

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