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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Read my post 4 posts up, and you can get rid of the torp spread by going all guns. Add in tac team, for added power boost and shield rotation (a life saver in this bird!).

I would ditch the shield gens and put in sci consoles that benefit your sci abilities. Max out your particle generator or graviton points depending on the skills you choose.

As for the ships, you can enable name and box around them. When S6 released they fubared the entire interface to the point it ignored all settings and went to default. You could go into the HUD options and look at what it was set to, and it still wouldn't do what you set it to. You have to go in (easier if you're in space when you do) and set ships/mines to display names and boxes around them always. If you have it set already, uncheck it, recheck it, and apply it.

Even doing this several times it re-defaulted one of my kdfs just today (again!) so it's really pissing me off.
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try that. It's been driving me bonkers. I hate dropping Battleships like nothing only to die to a swarm of freakin fighters only because I can't find out where they are.

As to my build I've been pretty happy with it. Granted that was on my Engineer. I'm not playing around with a SCI and will see how it goes and if I run into issues I'll try that. So far though I've found that for me, the Torp Spread and Cannon Rapid fire work as the best combination. /shrug