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09-20-2012, 04:33 AM
Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
Urmm.... I read that post as "Engis are only good as tanks or healers whenever they're flying a cruiser"
Yes that's a clearer way to say what I was getting at.

It's not just engineers either, if you're in a Cruiser on STFs you need to be tanking or healing.

You're still going to be shooting stuff, in fact you need to if you want to hold threat - you don't need to give up all of your offense to "tank" and in fact I don't recommend that at all (and I'm pretty sure neither does Maelwy5, but I'll let him comment).

Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
And whilst there are a few 'DPS Cruiser' builds that approach Escort Territory, it doesn't take much extra investment to turn an Engineer in a DPS Cruiser into a proper tank... so it really comes down to a question of if you're not going to tank, how do you propose to make yourself useful in a team?

Here's how I was running my Eng/Ody before I took a break from it.

Ltc Tac: BFAW 1 > APB 1
Lt Tac: BFAW 1 > APB 1 > APO 1
Ens Tac: TT 1
Cmd Eng: EPTW 1 > EPTS 2 > EPTS 3 > Aux to SIF 3
Lt Sci: HE 1 > TSS 2

2x Purple TT Conn Doffs
3x Purple Damage Control Engineers
9 Ranks in Threat Control

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