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# 1 EPS Flow Regulator
09-20-2012, 05:38 AM
Sorry for covering this old topic but I seem to be finding contradictory information, or at least info thats confusing to me.

According to STOWiki, "The EPS Flow Regulator is an Engineering Console that improves the power transfer rate between systems and recharge rates of a ship's power levels. It is helpful in recovering from power loss caused by a beam overload or full impulse."

Does this also mean that when I go full broadside on my cruiser beam boat and the power drops below 100, the EPS Flow Regulator brings it back up to 100(+) faster? Or better yet, mitigates the drop in power level?

If this was the case it would seem rather helpful for a beam boat, but I see lots of forum posts say its a wasted console space. Im confused.