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09-20-2012, 05:42 AM
Originally Posted by cliffstah View Post
Too late :-/ Odd though, that something this fundamental would change in 1 point release.

What can I/we do to help fix it?

Incidentally, other 3D games I play work just fine (those that don't use Wine).

Edit 1: if this is down to Apple, has this been reported to Apple as a bug yet?

Edit 2: it does appear that the AMD/ATI driver has been updated in 10.8.2 (but not the NVidia driver). Oddly, people are reporting that it supports OpenGL extensions that were not supported before - so in theory I guess it should be better, if it worked..
happens on Intel and nvidia GPUs too... Crossover is broken as well... seems anything that uses Wine is broken.

Originally Posted by cliffstah View Post
I'm not convinced an OS X "native" client wouldn't suffer this problem, since if there were one it'd most likely be based on Cider or some other Wine based/related tool. Does EVE online still work?
officially supported clients are always easier to use and usually less problematic... no matter how they port it. Cider doesn't seem to be having an issue with the update (its a fork off Wine from many years ago so is quite a bit different)... its something either in Wine itself, or with libXplugin for X11 support, which Cider doesn't use, but all other usage of Wine does.

Originally Posted by cliffstah View Post
Apparently it's not just Wine with problems. VirtualBox too in some instances. Not sure if its the same root cause, but it is a 10.8.2 issue..

In the case of VirtualBox, the author(s) are releasing an update to fix it. We can only hope for the same from WineHQ.
I'd like to know their fix... but VirtualBox actually uses some Wine code for their DirectX handling so it could be the same root problem.