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some light reading

some of those might explain it a bit better while some call it an ion engine it actually isn't one. it gets much hotter supplying more thrust, ~> plasma engine. typical ion engines are low thrust. they just don't have much power.

ion trusters

the advantages of both types over high power chemical rockets is less over all reaction mass needed (fuel) and in VASIMR's case it can use almost any gas. though some provide better results than others. argon is the one i see used most often. greatly simplifies fuel delivery, and no flammable chemicals ^_^

ion engines are tried and tested (in most types) technologies, been around for years, VASIMR's brand new...of course they're going to go slow and test the crap out of it...a failure for any reason could be catastrophic if a crew is relying on one.

you have given me something I already read and know, where do you think I have been getting my information from but still does not answer any of my questions. All you have given me at the end of you post is an assumption which I already thought off but want a definite answer from the horse mouth but I still value and respect what you posted so at least I am not the only one who us thinking that. You know the old saying great minds think alike. VASIMR is not really new, it is technology which NASA has already started and Franklin brought the tech to continue it in the Private sector which he and others created it decades ago since 1977. Thanks for trying anyway .