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09-20-2012, 06:22 AM
I find it annoying as I like to walk up to a turret in CGE lay down a turret and some gens to help- keep the team healthy then put the enemy neutralisation kit on and do my offensive thing but this makes that impossible, as they are doing this I think it reasonable that there should be a custom kit vendor so a player can make a kit that suits them, I don't use the forcefield gen on the bunker fabrication kit but I'd love to have the chroniton minefield from the enemy neutralisation kit (as I bought it for that 1 ability) or take one of the useless (to me) skills off the med kit for my science and put the biofilter sweep on it instead... buuut while that would be a convenience for engineers and science it would serve to make tactical even more nasty... and THEY are complaining about us...