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09-20-2012, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by connortreeves67 View Post
This is agree with, it's nice to see this issue being addressed.

P:S to RachelJ88 are you doing a self vulcan mind meld?
LoL Connortreeves67 I'm sadly not giving myself a "self" vulcan mind meld, pushing my glasses forward to make them look really big lol.

I'm not exactly supporting the nerf for engineers but it was an issue, engineers can post their anger over the nerf all they want, swapping kits should never have originally kept the previous kits gear out whilst on a completely different kit.
I could imagine the theory behind the kits would be the kits have their intergrated systems set to running turrets, mortars, mines and other stuff changing kits would sever the link so it makes sense that gear placed should "dissapear" if not cease to function.

I'm science so I get agro all the time about being able to heal myself and tanking bad guys... well I'm sorry but I'm screwed in space... sci have taken tons of nerfs when engineers get a nerf that makes sense they go ape!


Edit *to Adamkafei* - " I cannot wait for the custom kit vendor I just hope that its not just for cosmetic appearence."

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