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09-20-2012, 06:30 AM
After the Ask Cryptic - I posted that every KDF player should should basically just wash their ears/eyes out from anything that DStahl said about doing something with the KDF

"Oh no he said they are planning things" - yah right

Some people were saying that I was trying to darken the mood of players into giving up the fight. Really? I think when you hear what the rest of the dev's who are much more candid and less like a polititan talkng you hear what they really have planned - nothing!!

at least they don't give fake promises any more "yeah well we are thinking about it"

All I can say is that they need to see some money - if they come out with the lock box KDF time ship then every single KDF player should open their 150 boxes to get the ship - show them how much the players really will pay for something new which is KDF.

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