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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
Wow. Remind me to never trust them to conduct a subjective interview. Did he seriously work Fed feature requests into a KDF-centric session? AND criticize the community, AND lead the guest repeatedly into answers?

Ok, l get that the news industry is now filled with a ton of bad examples in biased news gathering these days, just shocked to see it here.
Yes. It appears he did.

I personally hate the fact that I am labeled ungrateful becuase I complain on the state of the KDF. I have enjoyed everything given the KDF and bought almost everything they have sold to us specifically (hell, I even bought the special Envirosuit thingy)
My only complaint is COMPLETE US before you sell the whole KDF to the feds in a lockbox.

What about all the fed cries for more and more? Are they not being just as greedy and ungrateful? Or is this overlooked becuase they are the majority and the Devs do not wish to poison thier milk?

It seems the crawfish days aproach again for anything not fed.
Makes me wonder why we as a fanbase support this travesty at times?
It makes me wonder why Cryptic doesn't just listen to the fanbase, finish the job they started and let us enjoy what they would create so they could move onto other things to grow the game?
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