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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
I have argued before that those stripes are not a different color. they are the same color.
It is the texture that the other parts of the uniform have that is completely missing that makes the difference.
I don't care if they are actually the same color, they LOOK like different colors, thats important to me.
Ok maybe they are the same color, but why do they have use different materials?
Anyway, it looks just stupid having a uniform with darker or (even more ugly) brighter stripes. I wouldn't say anything if we could color them serperately, so one could find a color to make them much less visible.

I find Cryptics uniforms much too overdone and ugly because of that. Sometimes they have nice basic ideas, but the implementation is horrible. They should hold much more on canon Starfleet uniforms instead of making something that doesn't even remotely looks like Starfleet.
Just look at the Bajoran military Uniforms, althrough i don't find them especially good looking (or sympahtic, btw.) they look great, because they are made of the right material. Imagine those uniform made of Cryptics "plastic".. it would look horrible, just as most cryptics original uniforms.

If you ask me, i would prefer them to create new materials (cloth) for their original (sierra, antares and jupiter) uniforms, so they may be look good (or better) at last.

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