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Originally Posted by cliftona91 View Post
That's okay, I'll just use my Lethean mind tricks to scare them off lol

*waves hand*

"This is not the thread you want to troll on"
lol, If it was only that easy.

But I hear even SWTOR has thier issues and gripes so I'm not suprised we in STO have ours.

What I am surprised about is the once again backpeddaling from the KDF when sources I had heard from where so hyper about finally working on the faction in the after glow of Vegas.
" We need to have the KDF fans voice thier desires so the powers that be see and are moved to agree with action.." or so I was told and led to believe. That with the promise of growth of Cryptic in the future seasons ahead we KDf may see some measure of being made closer to completion within them.

Instead we got yet another poli-speak interview with poor answers to the same old leading questions that only spin us back to being without hope for anything without being truelly answered.

Way to go Cryptic!! We are like a bastard being played between two unloving parents that niether want us or want us to go away.
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