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09-20-2012, 08:26 AM
Some of these comments in this thread have been well. To Quote Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

Asinine Asiten asieleven asitwelve and we got a couple that even reach asithirteen.

I'm a tactical pilot DPS specced with a full load of Mk 11 gear borg specced and tryin to get his hands on 12's. My Fleet's primary STF squad has a different operating timeframe than i do and that means i gotta pug.

Why pug stf's instead of fleet credit grind? Dilithium. STF elites drop a fair bit upon it of completion. Why do i need that? Because getting Zen is a pain in the ass. And because i only recently linked my account i cant use any of the earn zen offers for some reason despite having a level 50 and having played a long time. Zen is one of the two ways to get fleet ship modules. (Especially given their market price) And i for one want my fleet defiant.

You need dilithium to buy Zen especially if you're a broke mofo like me. The fact of the matter is however when people just ignore objectives come in improperly geared if not badly geared. And are not willing to listen to respectful and necessary advice you should have the right to get the **** out and leave them to their idiocy without being forced to do NOTHING for another hour.