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09-20-2012, 08:27 AM
I was under the Impression that the differences the lower turnrates of the fed cruisers represent where canonical in nature.
Mainly that the federation/ Star Fleet has better Warp technology and shield technology and the Klingons/KDF has more hull and better impulse technology. The better impulse technology being why thier vessels turn better for the most part.

Fed cruisers may need a 1-2 point buff so their average Turnrate is between 8 and 10 at endgame levels.
Keep in mind that the KDF only has a few BCs at endgame with high turnrates as it is.
The Vorcha family all have a 10 base turn, the K'tingas have an 11, Neghvars have a base 9 and every other BC has a 5.5 turnrate.

Boosting the feds Cruisers without a boost of at least 1-2 points for the BCs will benefit the feds too much as the slowest of thier cruisers will now have 7-8 turnrate with the highest at 10. While our slowest will have a 5.5 making them nothing but targets with no hope of being able to manuever in combat.

If the BCs are also boosted by 1 or 2 points then everybody wins. The feds get more manueverable cruisers for thier gameplay and the KDF keeps the existing but slight advantage of design.
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