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An Eng/Escort on the other hand can take ranks in threat control and actually soak aggro with Miracle Worker & RSF.
Pretty much this.

Engineer in an Escort = More Survivable, but Less Damage than a Tac in the same.
(assuming optimal builds).

The PVE game pretty much comes down to balancing Survivability and Damage Output. The Tac Escort is at the far end of the DPS side of that scale, the Eng Cruiser is at the opposite end - the Survivability side. A Tac in a Cruiser and an Engineer in an Escort are both somewhere in the middle.

Usefulness to a team depends on taking one of those possible combinations and shoving them into predefined team roles. If you've a "perfect" team, optimised in such as way that your damage dealers will never be in danger of dying, then your optimum teammate choices will be different than in a team where (for example) aggro isn't solidly locked down and not as much healing is available.

Another consideration is that an Engineer is the best class to fly a hybrid skillpoint build - one where they can choose to pilot both a Cruiser and an Escort and bring either ship to a mission. Reason being that retaining "Threat Control" whilst they're flying their Escort isn't as much of a problem for Engineers: they can still tank stuff like Tac Cubes in their Escorts without dying, even with incompetent PUG teammates.

Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
you don't need to give up all of your offense to "tank" and in fact I don't recommend that at all (and I'm pretty sure neither does Maelwy5, but I'll let him comment).

I'd actually say that Properly Tanking is harder with with lower offense, because your threat rating is tied to your damage output. If you have very poor DPS, your foes won't shoot at you (even with high investment into the Threat control skill) because your teammates will be producing a higher amount of threat. And letting your teamates get shot at sort of defeats the purpose of tanking...

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