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Many people were "complaining" (not only in STO) that Starfleets uniforms always looked like they didn't offer any protection from anything, something I do agree on. Often I thought wouldn't it be sensible to have some kind of "jacket" at least to wear on away missions, let alone tactical engagements?

Then came STO and I think the "plastic" looking uniforms are kinda meant to be "more protective", like the prototype combat suits featured in DS9s "Siege of AR-558". Whenever I see them, I think that it's just a more "protective" version of the uniform. It's still ugly but that's kinda explains it.
True Starflet uniforms looked a bit "unprotective" on alien planets for example. I am all for introducing something like a Field jacket or something similar. But Cryptics uniforms look just too much like a Peacekeeper uniform than a Starfleet uniform for my taste. (As all of their designs they are just overdone, just too much)

My persomal preference would be to use a more classic Starfllet uniform on Starships, starbases and other "secure" places. I think the "Generations" uniform would be perfect for that, but thats just my opinion.

In case of away team missions, combat scenarios, or other unfriendly environments, Starfleet personell should wear some kind of field jacket, maybe something like they wore in Star Trek: II, just modernized (but never use plastic as main material of a Starfleet uniform).

In order to do that, we should be able to choose a field- or away team uniform which will automaticly be worn when going to a hostile environment or even a normal away team mission. I cannot imagine that this would be a big problem, IF the devs would be willing to implement a bit more immersion to STO.

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