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Hello everyone,

Recently I manage to get my Klingon science captain to Lt. Gen. and have since been working on my BoP. The goal was to have a "sciency" bird of prey, and now I am not certain of the best way to achieve that goal. My current set up works great for STFs, and not so well in PVP so I am certain that there is much room for improvement. So here goes!

Ship Gear: 3 parts Borg and Honor Guard Shields

Eng Consoles: armor, armor and more armor....
Sci Consoles: Field Generator, Borg, and no clue....
Tac Consoles: 3x Disruptor Induction Coils

Weapons: 4x Disruptor DHC mk XI purple quality
2x Distuptor Turrets

CMDR Sci: TSS1, Haz Em 2, TBR 2, GW 3
LTC Eng: EPtS 1, EPtS 2, AUX2SIF 2
LT Tac: Tac Team 1, CRF 1
LT Tac: Tac Team 1, CRF 1

I am hoping you all can help me with making a sciency bird that does not lose too much on anything else. Any thoughts or suggestions are all much appreciated.

First and foremost bops are not tough, and totally subpar to new fed escorts, that's the reason I stopped flying them, well, at least till I get my hands on hohsus. But to answer your question, this is what I would try:

If you want to use it in pve, what you have should work, also you said you're happy with performances. For pvp:

Keep the lt tac stations as they are. Spec at least 6 in hull plating (level 4 on skill tree) and 3 in armor reinforcements (level 5 on skill tree). Get your hands on a leech console (I think it comes with the scourge destroyer from zstore). Spec fully on flow capacitor on skill tree. Buy the best 3 flow capacitor consoles you can afford from exchange (purples mk xii are few mil a pop, but you could also use blue xii or purple xi if you don't have enough ec since they are about half price). Put those 3 flow consoles in your sci slots. Flows improve your drain ability and they go well with leech console. This combo will boost your power levels by about 20 for each power level. Power is very useful since it gives you high aux (so your aux to sif will heal better), shield (for higher resists) and engine power (you already have enough weapons on bop and can get to 125 by only using borg console and maxing warp core potential on skill tree - I wouldn't even spec on level 5 skill tree for weapons performance since its pretty expensive, unless you plan on flying different ships that don't have +15 weapon bonus. It also helps if you go on exchange and get your hands on 4 efficient boffs (search for lethean) and look for the efficient trait on the top of description when you hover your mouse over the boff. They add a bonus to warp core efficiency, I think +7.5 each, and you end up gaining a small bonus on power for low level subsystems, not a big deal but hey, every little bit helps! Also, have your power levels bound to some keys, so that you can quickly swap in between them (make sure you max your electro plasma on skill tree) and have max weapons and engine on one setting, max aux and engine on another, max engine and shield on 3rd, max shield and engine on 4th.

Now, you have several options, and all are valid ones depending on your situation (due to battle cloak you can always speed out and cloak, make adjustments and go back in fight):

Use a pol hull and apo, so you won't get tractored as often Save both for when you need them. Both APO and PH give you some nice resists, PH is aux dependent. If you want to keep the cmdr sci, use a VM3 for cmdr station (grav well is very weak in pvp and unless you stack few of them it's not worth using them), tbr are not a bad choice but other than pushing enemies they are not that good (since you either need to be a tac to buff tbr damage through tac abilities, either must have graviton consoles to increase the push) and while in a pug, tbr does more bad than good), also inertial dampners almost neuter the tbr, and most pvpers that know what they are doing have some points in dampners. You could use better for lt cmdr sci slot a tss3 - if you have a boff with it or have the reman boff from the feature episode mission - if not wait for a promotion and get it. Or use a HE3 (that can be trained by some sci captains or by yourself). You could also use a tiken ryft with doffs, that is also pretty good. so try this for example:
LT Eng: eps1, eps2 (you loose aux to sif but have a big heal from HE2 or 3 - dont forget to switch to max aux when you heal.
LT Tac: TT1, CRF1

You can improve this config by getting 2 purple TT doffs so you only have 1 TT or get some CRF doff to have only one copy of crf - those are pretty expensive though (both are energy weapons doffs i think). 3 BFI doffs (shield distribution doffs) are also a good idea, as better they are, as higher the proc of TSS is when using brace for impact.

You could try this also:
Cmdr tac: TT1, crf1, apo1, apo2/3
lt cmdr sci: ph1, he2, vm1
lt tac: tt1, crf1
lt engi: eps1, eps2/aux to sif1/aux to ID

you have low shield heals but it gives you almost constant tractor resist, you have a battle cloak, when things go nasty, evasive out and cloak. You may first hit the bfi to fill up your shields if you want. Just keep in mind you are a sci captain, and you won't do crazy damage anyways, so best strategy for a sci captain is to gang up with others, time well the subnuc (right after somebody is using a rsp, or right after somebody hits a tt, etc then follow up with a VM). You only need to be able to hold your own for 20 secs, till battle cloak is out of cooldown, so I'd better try option 1, use apo to be able to turn faster, crf your target then get out.

I would give full omega a try, it is in fact the best set for an escort, and due to the leech and flows, your shield drain (from 2 part omega) will be pretty good. Omega shield, as not as high in cap as HG, regenerates way faster, especially when you run high power in it, and think, with leech and eps you'll be running close to 100 power to shield. Omega engine, on high power and due to bop impulse modifier will make you very fast (thus very hard to be targeted, even if your defense wont go over 70 or 80 if you have elusive trait), add apo on top of that and only a bug will be able to catch you. When evasive out, use the preset high engines and shield, with omega engine you'll be 20 k away in a heart beat! Remember though in a bop you'll never be able to tank like in a bug or a fed escort, use the superior impulse modifier in your advantage, that gives you mobility and speed, don't try to tank in a bop, you'll fail. Also, don't forget your role, a sci is a support role, not a damage dealer. Look for a target of opportunity, don't waste your subnuc right away, let the target use some buffs, then subnuc it, then sensor scan it and along with your tac buddy hit him hard. Timing is the key of success in pvp, as long as you play, as better you get.

Good luck. Also, you should post your pvp questions in pvp forum, there are better chances to have more pvp answers there, even though many klings buddies that pvp post here also, lol.

Edit: Forgot the weapons and console layout, lol. So this is one way to do it:

3 flow cap, 3 choice energy tac consoles, and for engi, 1 borg, 1 PL, 1 either armor or eps, either another p2w console like theta.

I would go as weapons with polarons, since the lolaron drain with flow capacitor is still very nasty, even after the recent fix, and this, plus tetryon glider will be pretty mean. Really, give full omega a shot, it is worth trust me! Good thing about using flow capacitor is that it greatly simplifies many aspects of your build: you gain more from leech = more power = awesome, more drain for tet glider, more drain to power levels with lolarons. As a side note, the armor console won't help too much to be honest in a bop, I'd use better a different console. Remember, bops are lethal with their skilled captain, not with full armor consoles.
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